EDC Kit that you wear Everyday

This may be something that most EDC crowds don’t think about is your clothing.
How well can an outdoor jacket and a thin long sleeve shirt protect the skin, compared to a cut resistant sleeve advertised by DAS Leben on Amazon?
This is something that was discussed on a gun and self defense forum.

Supposedly, this slash resistant arm guard can hold up to the claim.
Youtuber Skallagrim went out and tested this and the results were not good. Take a look.

The cut went right through.
Just out of curiosity Skallagrim decides what if you only wear a thin long sleeve top with a rain jacket over it.
The results were surprising against these bladed instruments.
Spyderco Manix 2
Extrema Ratio Resolza
Cheburkov Scout
Grohmann Canadian Belt Knife
Benchmade Azeria
Opinel No 6
The results was an eye opener for anyone thinking that you need to buy a self-defense gadget.
Though most of the cuts did penetrate both garments, the dummy skin remain untouched or lightly scathed.

Guess the only downside to this is, if you’re in a warm climate. This wouldn’t be a good choice, but to run for your life. (while your 9mm friends giving you cover fire.)

VertX and why I have to have it!

By Danielle Breteau

After ten years of working overseas in high threat areas and wearing absolutely-not-designed-for-comfort-much-less-womens pants and clothing, I finally found a company that simply makes great stuff. They not only make great gear bags and packs but their clothing rocks.

VERTX PatchI was first turned on to VertX when a team mate who was working on my detail jumped into the suburban in tactical pants that had an emblem which looked like an X but really cooler.

This started the conversion…

“What type of pants are those?” and “where did you get them,” and “what did you pay for them?…where do I get them…can I have those…?” The following 10 minutes resulted in this guy practically getting raped, tugged and pulled at to see the material, the strength, the seam, the articulation and most importantly to the tactical world, the pockets.

ROUND 1 This session passed muster for me. I had to have a pair.

ROUND 2 I received my first pair of pants and even though they were a men’s model (I don’t think they were making women’s way back then), they were great albeit a little necessary hemming (I’m kind of short) which was easily accomplished with $1 US dollar and local national.  Womens Pants

I might be a girl but I’m really rough on clothing. Actually Im pretty rough on everything  but I trained, worked, scraped, scrapped and did all sorts of things with this one pair of durable pants and was so comfortable that I vowed to never wear anything else…much to the dismay of my husband so I had to put an addendum onto that statement which was…only while in high threat areas or training, shooting, camping or being outside or near water or breathing. Actually, we agreed that the only caveat was when we go out to a nice dinner, I have to take them off. Damn!

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