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August 24th, 2016 by jhines

[su_heading size=”30″]On the hip, in a case, or on the seat next to the driver, where are you packing for easy access?[/su_heading]

Car jacking happens almost everywhere and one of the question that comes up is where are you packing your firearm for easy access. Here’s a conversation excerpt from 1911 Forum on the subject.

mikesheating: my question to you is, if work has me driving all day, should I do as normal and keep my EDC on my right hip, or would a pistol be better used in a briefcase on the seat next to me? My thoughts on this are
1) I could keep a second full size duty pistol in the open top briefcase along with as many mags as I feel are needed. Of course I’d still have my normal CCW on my hip.
2) If I start seeing condition orange ( I could have my hand in the briefcase, on the pistol, free from the holster, without brandishing it.
3) I could even shoot through the briefcase, “please don’t murder me, take my briefcase, BANG!” and never see it coming. As far as they know I’m following orders up till the first shot.
4) I could load out a little heaver with a second bigger pistol with more mags ready to go.
Or am I over thinking this? should keep to my normal EDC, on the hip. These things happen fast and as soon as a gun is seen by ether party, the fight is going to be on. So it’s a little slower to draw from concealment seated in a car.

boatdoc: many of my friends are appendix carrying for access while driving seems to me that an extra gun could be placed in an ankle holster( a revolver maybe?) for your protection. A purse or briefcase might give the perps a gun they did not have why isn’t the media covering this. I used to live in Chicago and it wa s very safe and the cops were very tough( maybe that is why crimes wa s low back in the ’80s?)

the agenda today seems to viilfy cops for doing their jobs and praise thugs when they commit crimes and hide the ghettto thugs crimes as well(chicago is th e prime example with all the weekend shootings going on and very few are reported int he mainstream media)–it is Obamas and loonbergs agenda against us as well. They ignore the criminals and go after us– brilliant!

lhawkins: +1 for appendix carry for vehicle. Also, I mounted a plastic coated magnet on the side of the console (designed for firearms). Holds the gun nicely. It will even hold a gun through a pocket hoslter.

FYI, some states have goofy laws with respect to how the gun is carried in vehicle even with a CHL. Ohio did, but rescinded most of them. You may want to know the laws in the states you travel. It would be silly to be a felon just because you put the firearm on the seat instead of your holster.

monadh: When I’m in my car, I always have two pistols. I generally carry a Springfield 1911 wherever I go, so that is in the holster on my hip. The second is a CZ 9mm of some sort, usually my CZ 75 PCR with a 16 round magazine, 1 chambered for a total of 17 rounds, in an unzipped pistol blanket right next to me. I am too large to gracefully pull a pistol out of the holster, and I can deploy the other pistol much faster.

I also always carry two extra magazines for each. The 1911 has one mag with hollowpoints and one with ball ammo. The CZ has two extra mags of 147 gr subsonic hollowpoints.

Plantar5: I know 2 people who were carjacked at gunpoint.
One gave up his car, as would I or suggest, it’s just a car.
The other was a LE detective who shot and killed one and paralyzed the other.
Now he is involved in a civil matter, that even probably will be cleared, you can draw your own conclusions.

azguy1911: Obviously keep your doors locked as that gives you some protection and extra time and I keep mine between the seat and console while in the car, easily accessible there.

WobbleZone: In my truck, tucked into the tight space between driver’s seat and middle seat, canted, butt up. Instant access. Dan Wesson CCO or Glock 20.

evets5321: I hope you never get car jacked and especially not shoot thru your brief case, ’cause the attorneys will find this post and say that you PLANNED it….sticks and stone may break my bones but my words will get life in jail. Just do what you need to do and don’t talk about it. IMHO

MegaGlide: Just MHO, of course, but if you are worried about carjacking, you need to have a gun on your person, not on the seat, etc. You get distracted, door flies open and you are dragged from car, you don’t have a gun.

In retrospect, there are many ways to quarterback this but what it comes down to is always remain alert and have a plan. All the tactics that you learned and practice comes into play lies in the planning for such contingency. What are your thoughts on this?

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