Will an Apple Macbook Pro Stop A Bullet?

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Have you ever wondered if your Apple Macbook Pro stop a .22 bullet? How about a 9mm? Well 22 Plinkster Youtuber was curious, so he put this technology to the lead test.

If you didn’t know the construction of an Apple Macbook Pro its pretty impressive. For the test a Smith & Wesson.22 long rifle caliber and 9mm is used against the laptop from approximately 7 yards away. See the video below and the surprising results.

As speculated the Mac Book Pro stopped the .22 cal round, no penetration at all. The big surprise came from the 9mm being the higher velocity bullet, still did not penetrate the laptop.

Though the Apple laptop is not meant to be used as a bullet proof device, its great to know that it can stop a .22 cal and a 9mm handgun. This device could save you if such emergency arises. Thanks to 22 Plinkster for testing this tough technology. We always knew that the gun industry would connect with the technology world in a possible life saving scenario.

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Hey guys, 22 Plinkster here! I’ve got in my hands a Macbook Pro. This is probably one of my number one requested things to see if a 22 will go through, and a viewer was nice enough to send this to me. A lot of people carry macbooks in their backpacks, and also when they’re working at their desks, and you never know when an intruder may come up to you with a 22 pistol and you have to probably defend yourself and defend your life with your macbook pro. But the question is, will it stop a 22 longrifle? We’ll be using a Smith and Wesson M&P 22 compact, loaded with some CCI Minimags, 40 grains traveling at 1235 feet per second, so put in the comments below: Will a Macbook Pro stop a 22 longrifle?

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Ok, lemmy load up five CCI minimags. Again, these are 40-grain, round-nose, non-hollow-point bullets. Traveling at 1235 ft/sec. Using my Smith and Wesson M&P 22 compact, and a SilencerCo barrel suppressor. So, I’m gonna put five rounds into it. [five shots] Alright, five rounds into the macbook pro, let’s see if they went through.

The million-dollar question: Will a Macbook Pro save your life, in case you had it in your backpack and you’re walking, or if someone came up to you and decided they wanted to put a round in you with a 22 longrifle and you could throw it up, would it save your life? Let’s take a look.

Lookit there. Only one round went through. Shot it five times, this round right here went completely through the laptop, so… the other ones stopped cold. That’s pretty impressive! So basically, if a gunman came up to you and all you had was your macbook pro to save your life, you have a four outta five chance that this would stop a 22 longrifle. Let’s look inside and see what it looks like. Probably going to be glass everywhere. [laughter] so there you go! That is pretty impressive. The one that went through was right there. Went right through that key, so that’s pretty awesome. So will a Macbook Pro save your life? Well, the odds are pretty good! Thank you very much for watching guys, until next time, Y’all be safe, and keep plinkin’!

I know what you’re probably thinkin’, what are the chances of someone having a 22 longrifle and you have a macbook? But most people carry a 9mm, right? Well, good thing you say that, I’ve got my Smith and Wesson, M&P 9mm Performance Center, Shield, and I’m gonna put one round in it with some 147-grain federal HSTs. This should blow right through it, but I’m kinda curious to know.


Holy cow, I guarentee ya that went through! Alright, let me go take a look at it. What say you, did it go through? Or not? Right, here’s the shot. Look right there! It stopped a 9mm, Federal HST. You can actually– I don’t know if you can see it or not, but right inside there is actually the bullet. So it stopped a 147-grain federal HST cold. And if you had this in a backpack, you know, there’s several layers of cloth that it would have to go through before it actually hit the macbook. That is pretty impressive! So I know you guys were worried or concerned, saying ‘hey a 22 longrifle’s not very powerful’, but this goes to show you that electronics are pretty dense, and a macbook pro can stop a 9mm Federal HST 147 grainer. Now that’s impressive.

Sources: 22 Plinkster, Eric Nestor

Benefits of the U.S. Survival AR-7 Rifle

Originating in the late 50’s, the Henry U.S. Survival AR-7 rifle was designed by Eugene Stoner who was known as the father of the AR-16. Eventually, the design was sold to other manufactures. Today’s AR-7 .22 is manufactured solely in the U.S.and has evolved in many ways. Its design changes and updated manufacturing controls have provided advancement in this unique rimfire. Some of the improvements include a new barrel bushing which has increased the feeding reliability. In addition, the magazines have been upgraded which also improves feeding. The magazines are now manufactured from steel and have an eight-round capacity with a feed ramp that guides each round into the chamber.

Acquired by Henry Repeating Arms in 1997, the U.S. Survival AR-7 has a long list of benefits that make it one of the first choices in survival rifles. The president of the company states that the new version is the most reliable of the AR-7’s. As far as strict versatility, besides carrying the most popular cartridge in the world, it has many other outstanding qualities.

.22 Cal
While there is no single best weapon for every situation, the .22 rifle is the perfect survival weapon for the majority of circumstances. First of all, you probably can’t find a more accessible gun in the U.S. or Canada. Most shooters learn on a .22 and are familiar with how it works. Since it is so common, it doesn’t have as many restrictions as other caliber weapons. Any place that sells ammunition, you are going to be able to find .22 rimfire ammo.


Some of the other features that make it an ideal survival weapon are that it requires less cleaning and maintenance than a centerfire. How many of us have left a .22 sitting in a closet and pulled it out years later. It still works! In addition, the low weight of both the rifle and its ammo are a definite advantage. You can carry 500 .22 rounds for the same weight of 25 12 gauge shells. It does its job on any small game as well as animals the size of large deer. There are reported accuracy shots of 300 plus yards and it has enough retained energy to neutralize prey.

Let’s talk about convenience in dismantling and stowing. The .22 AR-7 can be dismantled quickly and without tools. The main components are the barrel, magazine and receiver. These can be stowed in the ABS plastic stock which is both waterproof and dust-resistant. The receiver is made of aluminum while the 16-inch barrel is made of a steel liner cased in a composite housing. The rifle can be stowed in a backpack or in the trunk of a car, all wrapped up neatly in its polymer stock.

As far as ease of shooting goes, the sights on the AR-7 are easy to see due to their bright orange color. The rear sight has a tube built into the receiver. If it was alone, it would work like a ghost ring, but it has a cap which is similar in size to a Popsicle stick, that screws into the back of the receiver. It can be flipped so the two holes, one set wider and one set narrower, can be used. It can also be adjusted for personal preference either up or down.

Stacking against Other
Ease of handling, reliability, easy break down and good shooting, how does the .22 AR-7 stack up to other survival rifles? On the higher end, there are several rifles that will cost you 2 to 5 times as much as the AR-7. Starting in the $700 range is the Armalite AR7. The Armalite Explorer runs in the $800 range. Your Windham Weaponry runs in the high $800’s and the POF Upper DPMS Sniper Stock will set you back $1,500, just to list a few. The disadvantages of these weapons is that there are many restrictions buying not only the guns but the ammo as well. They are difficult to break down and store and they require lots of maintenance. They do not store easily, are not compact, and the weapons and the ammo are heavy. One more advantage of the .22 AR-7 over the other guns is that there is no recoil. It can be handled by someone with health issues or by novices.

When it comes to pest control, a good air rifle is good enough to scare off rodents. However, you can fire your .22 and scare off even medium sized animals with a few well-placed shots. Sending a safe warning shot off in the correct direction will discourage poachers or thieves without spending money on high-cost ammo. Remember to respect the gun laws and don’t fire in any situation that goes against gun regulations. However, in the case of having to put down a wounded animal, butchering, or a mercy killing of a sick animal, the AR-7 fits the bill for all those scenarios.

The AR-7 survival rifle has been the first choice of the U.S.Air Force pilots since 1959. They knew this small-caliber rifle could be counted on for survival in remote areas. It has built its reputation on ease of operation, portability and reliability. It is a favorite for backpackers, adventurers and even bush pilots. It is an all-purpose, affordable, easy to use and effective survival rifle.

Story by J Hines
Photos by Wiki

Source: Hickok45 Youtube and Wiki