Tactical Walls

We recently came across Tactical Walls from our followers in Facebook and they provide solutions to having your firearms encase in storage but for quick access. The company produces wall inserts, faux covers and shelving units designed to hide your guns in plain sight. First off these storages are not “safe” like, they are just merely storage for quick access. The thing that jumps out at us was that the storage can be concealed in your everyday house environment.

Concealment is pretty much the theme, locks on it are plastic, again Tactical Walls storage that you see in the video are not meant to be bullet/fire proof safes that weigh half a ton. View it like the James Bond gizmo where you put your gun to rest and when its time to take it out. Tactical Walls gives you that flashy speedy access to your favorite firearms. Depending on the size and type – storages can house your shotgun, handguns, magazines and AR’s.

For more information you can go to TacticalWalls.com

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