Cowboy Fast Draw
Have you ever wondered how fast you would have been in an Old West gunfight? Join the Cowboy Fast Draw Association and find out!
The Cowboy Fast Draw Association is a competitive shooting sport dedicated to keeping the Old West alive. Their motto is “safety first, fun second, and competition third.” It’s about handshakes, camaraderie, a man’s word, morality and friendship, fair play and honest competition.
It is a timed sport using single action .45 caliber western style six shooters and wax bullets. Targets are round disks connected to a timer that is able to give times down to the thousandth of a second. Competitors wear Western-style clothing from the late 1800s and compete under aliases. Competitors range from 8 to 85 plus years old.
CFDA has over 70 affiliated clubs across North America and several countries, with new clubs forming constantly. To learn more, visit


Gary B. Wells, Attorney at Law
Firearm businesses understand that the quantity of poorly written, obsolete, and erroneously applied firearm laws can be confusing and overwhelmingly complicated. These laws are being applied to businesses never intended to be covered, and products that did not exist when the laws were enacted.
Attorney Gary Wells has written two books to help the firearm business address these problems. They help businesses quickly determine what the laws are and what is required to comply with them. They serve as an excellent resource and procedural guide for any firearms business, including retailers, gunsmiths, manufacturers, and importers/exporters. Volume 1 explains the GCA, the NFA, and ITAR. Volume 2 explains Texas firearm laws. Detailed tables of contents can be found at


Spokane Spice
Thousands of Northwest area people gather to enjoy sausage made with Palouse German sausage seasoning at the annual Uniontown and Colton sausage feeds located in the rolling hills and farmlands known as the Palouse in Washington State. Now you can enjoy these delicious sausages all year-round. Sausages made from this moderately sweet blend can be either made fresh or smoked. Either way you will find them delightfully delicious.


The Range 702
For a truly unique firearm experience in Las Vegas, fire the Quadzilla, a pintle-mounted multi-barrel machine gun that is essentially four separate M4 receivers mounted together to deliver a combined rate of fire at an incredible 1,400 rounds per minute. The gas-operated, magazine-fed machine gun uses four separate rotating bolts to handle all that firepower, and is beautifully crafted of rugged 7075 aluminum alloys, with steel barrels, bolts and bolt carriers. It uses a spade grip and butterfly-style trigger. This unique firearm is one you’ll never forget, and will go to the top of your list of interesting guns to shoot.


Wildlife Forever
Have you heard? Invaders are threatening your access to fishing, hunting, and outdoor sports. It’s happening! To keep our public lands open for hunters and anglers, we must stop the spread of invasive species.
The Bureau of Land Management along with Wildlife Forever, are uniting efforts to educate and empower hunters and anglers to “clean, drain and dry” their outdoor equipment. Invasive species like zebra/quagga mussels and Spotted Knapweed are easily transported on outdoor gear. A simple inspection and following the national guidelines for “cleaning” equipment, “draining” boats and ballast, and “drying” will help prevent spreading foreign plants or animals which can have devastating impacts. Recent wildfires and increased fees in water utilities are partially due to invasive species. Help protect your favorite places, clean, drain, dry, every time. Join the fight at and donate to learn more.


Joseph Chiarello & Co., Inc. – Booth #2628
Joseph Chiarello & Co., Inc. is a family owned and operated business founded in 1934 that has specialized in insuring the firearms industry since 1979. Throughout those years many competitors have come and gone. For over 35 years they have stood by the firearms industry. The insurance coverage they provide is an important tool for managing your exposure to risk. They strive to provide the best products and services available to our clients, at reasonable prices.
Their primary focus is on commercial general liability and property coverages. This program is underwritten by the Granite State Insurance Company. Policies are written on admitted paper in all 50 states. Visit them at 2018 SHOT Show Booth #2628.

January 3rd, 2018 by AmSJ Staff