Ammo Inc. – Booth # 1408
Ammo, Inc. is happy to announce its newest product offering, Streak Visual Ammunition. AI has obtained the exclusive worldwide rights for the incredible patented technology that makes this product one the most technologically advanced rounds to hit the market.
Unlike conventional or “hot” tracers, these Streak rounds don’t use burning metals to generate light, they use triboluminescence – light emitted from fractured crystals. Triboluminescence doesn’t generate heat like the traditional old school tracer rounds. Streak rounds are safe to use indoors and outside in environments where traditional tracers are deemed a serious fire hazard.
Since the material they use is applied to the aft end of the projectile, it is only visible to the shooter (a 30-degree viewing window). The projectile not being visible from the path it is traveling towards may not be super-important for the casual shooter, but has a strong appeal for military and law enforcement use.
Streak rounds will be in stores in the first quarter of 2018. Ammo, Inc. will be releasing Streak Visual Ammunition in both red and yellow/green illumination colors and multiple pistol and rifle calibers.

Bite the Bullet
Bite the Bullet RX rounds are the most consistent and cost-efficient everyday carry and home defense round on the market today. Bite the Bullet has been manufacturing ammunition since 2013 right here in the USA. With their state-of-the-art machinery, they wanted to offer a better alternative to the critical home defense and everyday carry round. Bite the Bullet welcomes the responsibility of how important this round is.
Ballistically, these new brass production rounds are some of the most effective and safest out there, offering maximum expansion and knockdown power while having the right amount of penetration. With standard deviation in the single digits, the shooter knows what to expect every time.
BTB RX rounds are also some of the softest shooting out there, allowing the shooter to recover quickly and keep the weapon flat. All variations of the BTB RX line are perfect for home defense, everyday carry, security outfits, police departments and even training due to our affordable price points. Now you can train with the round you hopefully never have to use. This ensures you know what to expect if that life-saving moment ever comes, or if you’re simply looking for a more accurate training round.
The Barnes are made with a 100 percent copper projectile, and the Eco frangible will be made with a copper polymer projectile. Both are lead-free Bullets. BTB is changing the way home defense and everyday carry is done. Join the BTB epidemic and pop some of the RX line – the world’s first “ammohistamine.”

Black Hills Ammunition – Booth #15129 and #3019
Black Hills Ammunition, a leading supplier of law enforcement and military sniper ammunition, now offers a plastic-tipped .308 version of the legendary Sierra 168 MatchKing.
The modernized sniper load combines MatchKing accuracy with improved terminal effect and limited penetration to minimize danger to perimeter teams. BHA combines this bullet with a temperature-insensitive propellant, so whether training in extreme heat or handling a hostage situation in 20-below-zero weather, it performs with unquestioned reliability and performance.

Federal Premium – Booth #14551
Federal Premium has drawn from its 95 years of ammunition manufacturing excellence to develop an all-new cartridge that transforms the MSR 15 platform, unleashes shooters’ long-range potential and shatters the boundaries of ballistic performance. The 224 Valkyrie provides extremely flat trajectories and match accuracy beyond 1,300 yards. The cartridge offers significantly less wind drift and drop than other loads in its class, as well as less than half the recoil of cartridges with comparable ballistics. Loaded in an unmatched array of high-performance projectiles, 224 Valkyrie is the new choice for both long-range target shooters and hunters.

G2 Research – Booth #3841
G2 Research is a premium self defense and environmentally conscious defense/hunting ammunition manufacturer. G2 Research’s vast understanding of material properties and utilization of complex geometries renders predictable and consistent results that maximize the effectiveness of its solid copper/lead free projectiles. After the release of the Radically Invasive Projectile (R.I.P.) line of fragmenting self-defense ammunition to great industry and consumer accolades, G2 Research’s goal of constant and continuing innovation has led to the Rip Out and Trident lines of rifle ammunition, the extreme expansion of the G2 Research Civic Duty, and the value priced Telos line of fragmenting ammunition.

International Cartridge Corporation – Booth #20127
ICC Ammo proudly introduces Platinum Hog Series. This premium eoght-pellet, 300-grain 00 Buck boasts a speed of 1,535 feet per second at the muzzle and produces tight patterns at extended ranges. If you are an avid hog hunter and are looking for the next generation of shotgun ammunition, visit them at SHOT Show 2018 to see for yourself.

Rim Rock Bullets
As some of you may not know, the team at Rim Rock Bullets has been busy adding a bunch of gas check bullets to their line-up. RRB now has offering from .257 caliber up to .512 caliber, including some bullets for the old Winchester Center Fire cartridges, and even a .311 for good times.
To see all of the gas check bullets and all the other bullets RRB makes, please visit their website, where they’re always “Right on target!”