Shooting from a Chopper

[su_heading size=”30″]No its not Hog Hunting[/su_heading]

Helicopter hunting is a big trend for hogs. But how about blowing up vehicles from one?
Helicopter hunting has taken on a lot of popularity in the last decade, especially for hog hunting, where eradication of the feral hog population is deemed necessary by any means possible. Kirsten Joy Weiss, a Pro Shooter isn’t into hog hunting, but she is shooting from a helicopter, and it is pretty cool.

In preparation for the vehicle shoot, Kirsten practice target shooting at a moving RC car. Then, Weiss takes flight with her rifle and an explosion takes place. After two rounds fired, a car below engulfs with flames.

Before you fellas start drooling, be careful, shes armed, dangerous, and most likely a better shot than you.

The car is rolling below at around 150 yards from the helicopter according to the video. Rigged with a strike plate, Kirsten must hit her mark in order for the explosives to detonate.

With one mission and one mission only, Weiss is looking to obliterate the vehicle using her FN Scar 16. We all love blowing things up, so why not do it from a helicopter?

Source: Kirsten Joy Weiss Youtube, Colton Bailey

Blowing up a CAR from a helicopter by shooting it, bursting it into an explosion with roaring flames, RC car destruction with three different guns, and more! Watch three tiered shooting challenges with pro shooter Kirsten Joy Weiss

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