How to Shoot the Barricade Drill

Check out how the younger generation make this barricade drill look so easy to do. Here’s up and coming 3 Gun competitive shooter 13 year old Jalise Williams showing us the basics of barricade shooting. She covers basic footwork, maintaining stable platform and sighting in. All of this done within seconds, yes really fast! Have a look.
Video Transcription
[Beep] [Gunshots]

Hi I’m Jalise Williams, and today I’m gonna be teaching you how to shoot the barricade drill.

When you’re shooting a stage in a match, you will be having fault lines. You cannot step outside the fault lines while you are shooting. So that makes us, when there is a wall in front of us, makes us have to lean around it to shoot our targets. The real action in this drill is with your knees. So when you’re coming out over to shoot a target, you want your knee to be pointing out a little bit, and then you just want to bend it as much as possible so that you can see your target.

Sometimes you might need a bigger stance, sometimes you need a smaller stance, but in this drill, I’m just going to use a small stance because that is the most stable position. Let me show you how this works a little bit slower so that way you will understand better. I’m going to do this dry. So I’m going to draw, I’m going to come over, and I’m going to make sure I’ve got a stable platform, small shooting stance, and I’m going to make sure my knee is leaning out.

And then I’m going to come up onto my target, I’m going to fire two shots. Then, after I fire my two shots, I’m going to come over, and I’m going to do the same thing. I’m going to put my foot where I need it, come into a stable shooting stance, lean my knee out, acquire my sights, and fire two shots again.


And that’s how you do the barricade drill.

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