How much do you trust your Shooting Buddy?

[su_heading size=”30″]Please Do Not Try this at Home[/su_heading]

We’ve all have read and heard of elite hostage rescue team practice shooting live rounds at targets next to a real live person sitting or standing there. The rationale is to instill confidence in the skills of these elite marksman and a pony show for the distinguished visitors who are observing.

But other than that, would you trust your shooting buddy to stand next to the target while he takes a shot? Would you really stand downrange so he can practice his shot? Well thats exactly what this guy did in the video from Weapons World Facebook.

This shooter did it while the handgun was holstered and used a timer to initiate the drill. Not sure if this is fantastic or necessary to go the extreme to develop more confidence in your marksmanship or to show off. What are your thoughts?, please comment below.

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Sources: Weapons World Facebook, Eric Nestor

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