Full Auto BB Guns

With all these negative gun news, did you know that full-auto BB Guns are legal?
Cheap and easily available full-auto BB Guns are pretty awesome.

YouTuber TWANGnBANG got some really fun range time with these select-fire BB Guns. These replica (MP40, Beretta, Uzi) full-auto BB Guns are so much like the real deal, but without the annoying federal paperwork. Backyard fun has never been so awesome. These certainly are not the same Daisey BB Guns from your childhood.
Watch the video and see why full-auto BB Guns are worth checking out.

We’d like to give a special thanks to TWANGnBANG for testing these things out. They just might make great Christmas presents this year!

Sources: TWangNBang Youtube, Umarex Legends MP40