Failed Bear Hunt Attempt

Please hold my Beer as I get this Bear

This guy gets ready to jump out from his stand to spear a bear. What could go wrong right?
Check out this bear spearing fail that could have turned deadly in a heartbeat.

In a video shared on Facebook by Mitchel J Yonkman we can almost hear this guy saying hold my beer while I take care of business.
Not sure if this guy is a pro spear hunter like Youtuber Tim Wells Bow Hunter. By the look of this bear setup, he may have waited a long time for this bear to come along.
When the black bear is in his trap, he jumps down with the elegance of a hippo. He falls down on his behind and luckily the bear takes off out of there.
Maybe the bear hunter would have fared better if he was sober. The black bear may have known this and elected to wait for the hunter to gulp down some beers.

It is a relief he wasn’t mauled by the bear during this best laid plan gone FUBAR. This video makes for a good safety training on what not to do for any aspiring spear hunters. Stay Safe!

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