Dragon Claw Airgun vs SUV

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Airguns that shoot arrows are not new, but the Dragon Claw just became the world’s most powerful production arrow slinger with the introduction of the Air Bolt. When fired from the Dragon Claw, the Air Bolt’s 430gr mass is launched at 450fps. That’s as much kinetic energy as a 380ACP pistol, but can it shoot through an SUV?

Youtuber TWANGnBANG took this Dragon Claw out to the range and fired at a Dodge Durango to see if it really can go all the way through.

Some facts to consider, penetration through the Durango all depends on how many car parts the arrow hits on the way into the car.

In the video, the third shot finally makes a 50 caliber hole that makes it to the opposite side of the SUV, yet doesn’t go all the way through.

On the fourth try the shooter uses a Ramcat broadhead arrow to see if the blades will make a difference, and sure enough the arrow penetrates the most out of all four shots.

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Hey, thanks for tuning in to TWANGnBANG. This is an Air Venturi Air bolt. Iti s a fifty-caliber arrow designed to be shot by air rifles like this Dragon Claw. This rifle will push this arrow at five-hundred feet per second, and because it weighs four-hundred and twenty-five grains, that means it is generating the equivalent kinetic energy of a 380 ACP handgun, but with a whole lot more momentum.I’ve already shot a 425-grain arrow through a car door before with a crossbow, going about 400 feet per second, and it was no problem. Today I want to see if I can shoot this airbolt all the way through that Dodge Durango. And that’s what’s coming up next on TWANGnBANG.

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The success of this is going to be determined a lot by how many door parts I hit on its way through not only the first door, but the second door. But luckily, I’ve got a number of arrows, and 37PSR so that I can put as many holes in this as I want to. So we’re gonna try this more than once. We’re gonna get this to work.

What’s especially crazy is, this is actually gonna be the first time I pull the trigger on this setup. I have no idea where it’s gonna hit with this arrow, I’m just gonna try to find a place that’s gonna work its way through parts, and we’ll go from there.


Oh man! I can’t wait to see, that was WAY low, that was way low compared to where I was aiming. I was aiming above the word ‘durango’ on there. Let’s go see where that arrow ended up!

Okay, so it hit the seat, it’s in the door, I’m not gonna try to open the door right now because it’ll break the arrow, we’ll take a look at it after I shoot a few more times.


Weeeell. …This isn’t going according to plan here. We’re gonna leave that in the door as a reminder not to shoot there.


There we go! Hahah. That sounded promising!

Oh my gosh, here’s where it went in! Lookit the size of that hole! ‘Course it’s a fifty-caliber hole, but just– that, compared to those bullet holes there, and that’s from a shotgun slug right there, twelve-gauge slug. That is a huge hole! Let’s take a look and see it sticking out the back. This is insane, oh my gosh! There it is, woah! Made it all the way through one door, and through this door. It didn’t continue on, but let’s get a look on the inside -I gotta adjust the light, but- it came in there, it skimmed right across the tp of the seat, and it’s in the door right there. Straight as an arrow, as they say. That is awesome! That is what I was hoping was going to happen. I’m gonna try one more thing.

This time I’m gonna shoot it with a Ramcat broadhead. I think the blades are gonna break off, but the tip is as close to a bodkin tip- an armor-piercing tip as you can get I think, and it’s machine stainless steel. If anything’s gonna get through these doors, and I find the right spot, it’s gonna be this head.

[laughter] okay. Hopefully I’ll find a new spot, and not another hole.


There you go![laughter]

We’ll give it a minute to bleed out. [laughter] let’s go check that out.

I cheated, I already looked, wait ’till you see this! Okay, so that is the entrance hole, you can see where the three blades cut right through the door. That’s from the previous hit. Now check this out! ALL the way through! Look at that! It even cut, the broadheads- the blades, at least two of them it looks, were intact, cut there and there. Probably the third one was already broken off. That’s incredible and uh, there it is. There it is just like I thought. That’s insane! That broadhead is super tough! Two of those blades are curled, they’re bent, but it made it all the way through a Dodge Durango, in one side and out the other side, and you would not have been safe on this side. The arrow just gave up the ghost, it cracked right there, it’s just carbon fiber, it’s not designed for this kind of impact. But this is not gonna have any problems going through like a bison shoulder blade. That’s awesome!

Well be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook, click over here somewhere to subscribe so you can see my next videos like this. I really wanna thank 37 PSR for letting me shoot this, they helped me move this out here, this is their truck for threegun matches. This was an awesome test and I couldn’t do without them. I really appreciate you watching TWANGnBANG, and hope to see you next time.

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