Body Builder vs Rubber Buckshot

Do you think you’re tough enough to take a shot by rubber buckshot? This guy did and its hysterical to watch.

Watch this bodybuilder faces off against rubber buckshot and gets pelted. Houston Jones is a bodybuilder that believes he is tougher than the male human even against rubber buckshot fired from a shotgun. He is about to test this out by trial (pain) with a scattergun.
As an illustration of what can happen to an object. Houston Jones starts off by having his friend shoot at a watermelon which obliterates it.
The first few shots are from a distances like 30-40 yards. From a longer distance the pellets have less energy so its less effective. Plus at the longer distance there are fewer hits on this thrill seeker. They still left marks and looks of it, it still hurts.
The closer range seems more painful to even watch. This body builder “Terminator” took multiple rubber buckshot pellets but technically was only momentarily stunned.

Even though law enforcement have rubber buckshot options for less than lethal. We want you to reconsider of loading up rubber buckshot for home defense. An intruder high on drugs and some that have a high tolerance to pain may not feel a thing. Stay safe!

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