Beware of this Cannon Shooter

It’s probably wise not to shoot cannons with this guy.
Even a cannon this small is an issue if you don’t adhere to safety protocols.

Witness the worst cannon shooter ever, and be glad you were not nearby.

I guess this fellow forgot just how dangerous black powder really is.

Loading up a tiny cannon for backyard fun is a great way to spend the Labor day weekend. However, it is generally a good idea to keep open bottle of black powder a little farther away there, genius.

The cannon fires and a spark drops down the funnel, straight into the black powder can. The explosion rocks both the shooter and the camera man.

We cannot stress keeping safety in mind enough when shooting anything, even if it isn’t a traditional gun. We hope no one was injured in this epic fail, but it certainly stands as a lesson to everyone.

Sources: 2nd Amendment soldiers, Eric Nestor

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