5 Great Hunting Apps

5 Great Apps Every Hunter Should Have

The act of hunting provides sheer thrill to every hunter. The greatest thing about hunting is that it detaches one’s self from the daily grind and being one with nature (aside from bringing home the kill). Often you have only yourself and your gear when you wade out in the wilderness. As technology improves, more and more hunters are relying on smartphones or mobile devices to make hunting more enjoyable.

There are new applications that are designed for the outdoorsman and the hunter in mind. It can track your location and give information on everything around you. Who knows? The apps that you download today may save your life.

Here are five great apps that every hunter should have:


GoldenPic is initially intended as another photography app. Now, most of its working hours are spent with hikers, campers and hunters. The GoldenPic is one unusual photography app because it gives information on sunrise and sunsets including moonsets and moonrises. This application has the ability to show information about the moon phases that is useful for hunters. The app gives hunters and outdoorsman the Golden and Blue times which are the best times to take a snap.

iHunt Journal

iHunt is an application that hunters can use to track and record all hunting events and observations including other information related to your hunting activities. You can also get weather information as well as sun and moon periods. It allows you to remember all the important highlights of your camping trip once you go back home. The app can also give you the ability to take pictures of your hunting ground. The app also keeps track of known deer rubs and scrapes so you can plan the next hunt well.

Hunting Light & Blood Tracker

This app gives hunters better visibility in low-light conditions such as nighttime events. The app allows you to convert the display screen of your smartphone into a super flashlight. It has a blood tracking filter which enables the hunter to see the blood trail of a game. The green light enhances the night vision and blue light enhances green things.

SAS Survival Guide

This app is a survival manual that is written by a Special Air Force soldier. It gives information on how to survive and to be safe out in the wild. It also hold information on which plants are safe to eat and which are not. So next time you’re stuck in the woods or maybe you want to look something up, this can come in handy.


Ballistic is an app that calculates the trajectory, speed and velocity of a bullet. This will give information to the hunter on how to improve the chance of a kill. This is a must-have with any hunter’s smartphone.

Getting these apps will improve your hunting experience. The apps are designed for the needs of the hunters while outdoors. It is best to have a solar-powered charger with you so you would get the most from these apps on your smartphone or mobile device.

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