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The main characters of the movie “Saving Private Ryan” went through a mini boot camp taught by Warriors Inc Cadre (Founded by Ret. USMC Capt Dale Adam Dye.

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Rodney Dial DoomsDay Prepper builds an Underwater Cache to store Food and Supplies for his family in Alaska.

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Kentucky’s Centerfire Systems serves up bargains on guns, gear, surplus, ammo and so much more.

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The standard load was 14 drams of black powder behind a 1,882-grain slug, which would give an approximate velocity of 1,200 to 1,400 feet per second.

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Shrapnel from a grenade blast ripped into Staff Sgt. Aaron Metzger’s right arm and chest while he treated two severely injured Afghan commandos he had carried out of the line of fire during a nighttime raid against the Taliban in April 2018.

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Carrying a Firearm while fishing is a personal decision; here’s why one Northwest angler brings along a handgun when he’s chasing steelhead and salmon.

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The Germans found that nothing stops a wild boar’s legendary charge with more authority than 12-gauge Brenneke slugs – Double rifles provides fast 2 shots.

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