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The Frag-12 Shotgun Explosive Round is used for potential improvements to the combat-effectiveness of shotguns in Urban Areas.

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A pump shotgun lasts about 10,000 rounds and semiauto will not but the Best Quality guns of the British Isles last into the Millions of Rounds.

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The double-barreled AR-15 “Snake” extreme design lies in the challenge that the Israeli Tactical Team had faced while encountered in their missions.

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The Speer Grand Slam design as a strong bullet, can withstand Hi Impact Velocity of Magnum Cartridges & allowing expansion for a quick, humane kill.

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Carlos had me Shoot 1x/day & record everything into a log book, the Rationale was that “How many shots do you think you are going to get at a deer?”

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Only 5 inches long and weighing a pound, this single-shot pistol was conceived as an instrument of chaos in the darkest times of the World War II.

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Looking for a Light and Accurate system for Predator Hunting?, look at this CMMG Mk4 S Nosler setup with a Leupold VX-Freedom Scope.

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