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Youtuber Slingshot Channel guy, Joerg Sprave, liked the Blaster so much that he made a functioning Rubber-Band Replica.

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Over the years many firearm calibers come and go. Here are some that didn’t catch on but worthy a caliber they were and could have been popular today.

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Situational Awareness is important for being prepared to defend yourself and your family. Having this edge can make a differences in your decision making while in a fight or avoiding one.

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The iconic M1911 has been serving the U.S Military for over 80 years. Starting June 4 you can purchase a piece of this history, one of 8,000 M1911 pistols.

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Braden Liboiron captured a deer running down the side of the road on his cell phone and it wasn’t anything special. Well, that is, until the deer hit a speed bump.

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Youtuber Edwin Sarkissian has the answer, as always he goes through an array of calibers to see if the traffic light pole is bulletproof.

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Well, Mike the Cop on Facebook who always likes to try out new things, decides he wants to see how hard is it to do this tactical surfing and see if its worth doing.

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