February 23rd, 2017 by jhines

Having fun with tannernite, trucks and guns, but this guy took this fun into another level of excitement for the sake of disregarding safety. Be warned, do not try this at home.

This fella Audrius Litva from Facebook video taped himself shooting at a truck with tannernite. Looked very cool, but he was very lucky not to get hit with a piece of shrapnel that flew by.

Shooting explosives and tannerite is a great way to pass time with some friends, but be sure you run through all safety precautions before pulling the trigger.

Always shoot at a generously safe distance. Unfortunately, many injuries due to this kind of carelessness could someday lead to a ban on explosives for civilians.

Here’s what they’re saying on Facebook:

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February 15th, 2017 by jhines

What does 120 pounds of Tannerite do to a grain silo?
See the explosive outcome in this video from Larry Enright, as Tannerite takes out a grain silo way out at 520 yards away.

This old grain silo packed with 120 pounds of Tannerite explosives goes out with a mighty boom. One skilled rifle shot sets off the Tannerite and pieces fill the air.

The best part of the video is the chuckling camera man. He thoroughly enjoyed the show with the best quote ever: “where there was something there is no more.”

Sources: Larry Enright Facebook, Eric Nestor

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February 11th, 2017 by asjstaff

If you’ve ever wondered what shooting a propane tank at night looks like, you came to the right place. That explosion really lit up the desert!
If shooting a 1-pound propane canister with a compound bow is impressive, shooting a 30 pound propane tank with a .50cal incendiary round during the day is awesome, and shooting a similar-sized propane tank at night must be out-of-this-world cool.

Please don’t try this at home! Leave that sort of stuff to guys like Uncle Rob.

Watch the video to see just how impressive the resulting spectacle was:

I’ll bet people from miles around saw that explosion!

I’m not quite sure how much of the fire was caused by the tracer, though. As you can see, there was a fire burning near the tank before the shot. Believe it or not, it’s pretty darn hard to ignite a fire with a single tracer. Instead, the bullet probably just punctured the tank and allowed the already burning fire to ignite the stream of pressurized propane escaping from the hole.

Sources: Scott Ackley Youtube, John McAdams

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January 13th, 2016 by asjstaff


Ok, folks do not try this at home. Here’s a guy shooting at his truck with tannernite or some sort of explosives. Yes, it looks like it was fun shooting and seeing the truck exploding with debris flying at us before our eyes. But, man this guy sure was very lucky for not getting hit with a piece of the truck.

So word to the wise if you’re going to try this take all safety precaution, do not do what this fella did here.


Source: Imgur

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