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March 28th, 2017 by jhines

What would those three guns be? Jerry Miculek had a chance to voice his response on the subject.

Wait, before we get to the guns, just to clarify that we’re talking about having these three guns for survival.

Some folks have talked about the .357 revolver as a primary SHTF in many internet forums and this has stirred up the hornet’s nest. Mainly due to the age demographics, for instances, folks that are from the older generation would agree with the .357 revolver. Where the younger millennium generation will stick with the striker based handguns like the Glocks in 9mm.

Don’t think so?, someone had asked this question to shootist extraordinaire Jerry Miculek and even he went with an 8-shot .357 wheelgun–specifically a Smith & Wesson 627–as his one handgun for every situation. Take a look:

Later on a different clip he’s asked what his favorite caliber, .45 Acp.

For us survivalist most will agree with the calibers choice, its all about versatility. The two calibers lets you load a wide range of bullets weights and pressures.

As for Jerry’s other two guns, he picks a rifle in .22LR and a 12-gauge shotgun. We agree with these picks, even though we do part ways on the handgun choice.

What about you what’s your favorite three guns for survival?, let us know in the comment below.

Sources: Jerry Miculek, Jon Stokes

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November 18th, 2015 by AmSJ Staff

Epic bunker Builder

[su_heading size=”25″ margin=”0″]Epic Backyard Bunker[/su_heading]

The amount of work and level of detail, all done by this one guy determined to make the coolest bunker ever, complete with running water, food, weapons – a seriously cool stash of weapons – and creature comforts.

Video Transcribed by Sam Morstan

In an old town…
[“Take that Lincolnshire!”]
On an old street…
[Digging Machines whirring]
In an old house…
[Distant yelling over loud noises]
In an old garden…
[more machines whirring]
In an old shed…
“Not everything is normal. Right there, under my garden, I’ve dug an underground bunker. And the entrance is in ‘ere!”
[Rock music “When thoughts collide” by Heroic blaring]
“Oh yes. Ahahaha! How cool is that?! Oh we’ve got the bowed ceilings, ‘cuz you know, I’m three meters under the ground, I wanna feel like I’m underground, and I’m not just in a metal box. Let’s go have a look at the main room!”
[Claps hands together]
“Here we are, still underneath my Garden. And why? ‘Cuz I was asked, ‘What would you do if the world was to end in thirty-four days?’ I said, ‘I’d make a bunker!’, Which is basically me digging through solid rock, turning my garden into a quarry, welding tons of steel, and pouring buckets of concrete, ‘Till we’ve got this! So then, ‘Give you a tour!”
“So, Kitchen area! Cutlery, knives, and forks; that’s all up ‘ere. Down ‘ere we’ve got all the food an’ stuff, tin food, dry food, anything that doesn’t go off, doesn’t go out of date.”
“To cook it, we’ve got a microwave, ‘Course in my case, it’s a freezer-wave should you want to freeze stuff, whih you probably won’t. Water! We’ve got mains water effect from outside, and should that fail, got plenty of stored water up ‘ere.”

“Now the waste is dealt with quite coolly, it goes underneath here into a maserating unit which is behind the toilet system, and it’s all pumped up outside. Now the toilet, of course it’s uh, not very private, but it’s the end of the world, it doesn’t really matter.”

“Good air in, bad air out. Sleepin’ arrangements: Got me an ejector bed. Which I’ve got to admit, is not so effective down ‘ere. Got a gas mask in case of te inevitable, and as this bunker is heavily reliant on electricity, should mains power fail from above, ‘ve got a generator down here, and I’ve got another backup one in the shed.”

“Now then, natural disaster may not be the only thing that brings on the end of the world, humanity might go nuts. So we need to protect against that as well, so I’ve got THESE.”


“We’ve got Wolverine claws. If you want to be a little bit more stealth, the Assassin’s Creed Hidden Blade. And we’ve got THESE two wonderful items, you’ll find out what they are in future videos, but what if we’ve got some crazies trying to bash the door in.”
“Well with this little remote control, push this button…”
“Awww yess!”
[airsoft gun shooting rapid-fire]
“Job done, They’re all taken out.”
“Now, also’ve got the cat bowl down here, so, the shady cat is down here somewhere. Cuz let’s face it, you’ve got an underground bunker, there’s just some things that you have to have.”
“Now at the moment we’re not in an apocalyptic situation, so this is basically currently the ultimate mancave, which is why we’ve got this lot!”
“You’ve got a MASSIVE flatscreen TV, we’ve got surround sound, which is has been built into the metalwork so there is no cables tanglin’ anywhere. Over ‘ere we’ve got all sortso f game consoles ranging back from the nineties up through present day, ‘course we’ve got a Skybox, and because you can make all the noise you want down here and no-one can here you, we’ve got a drumkit!”
[Loud drumming]
“And there we are! The Colinfurze apocalyptic bunker project. Now the most surprising thing, other than the fact that I’m sat underneath my lawn, is it actually looks remarkably like the plan I drew all those months ago. Now this is not the last think you’ll see of the apocalyptic bunker on the Colinfurze chanel, in future videos I’d like to look at making an air filtration system, but also different ways of generating power
other than using petrol generators. We should all thank Sky1’s “You, Me, and the Apocalypse” program because it was them that funded this, and made this all possible; but for now I think I’m deserved a well-earned cup of tea! Wooh! That was a long project.”

“So, to see the program trailer that sparked this all off, click up here [to the left of the video]; if you want to see how this whole thing was built from start to finish, playlist up ‘ere [To the right of the video]. And there we are! The Colinfurze Apocalyptic Bunker project is finally finished!

Epic Bunker Builder

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