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Does it really work in real life?

Have you seen the Xbox game called Assassin Creed? The main character uses a fully functional arm mounted grapple hook. We all think these gadgets and hidden blade is something we think of as fiction but Youtuber ColinFurze have managed to bring them to life and its awesome.

Video Transcription

rope_launcherThere’s some pretty cool gadgets in computer games these days, but that’s just it: They’re in a computer game. Not anymore!

This is a fully-functioning arm-mounted rope launcher. So how’s it work?

Insert CO2 cannister, point to destination, and fire!
Once the grapple-hook is secure, attach the harness tether to the rope launcher. This has also got the switch on it that controls the motor. Now winch yourself up.

Please don’t snap, please don’t snap, please don’t snap!
[laughter] [slight screaming]

IT WORKS! It actually works!

It even works on walls of death!

YEAH! Whaddiya think, horse?!

Awwwww YEAH!

assassin_s_creed_hidden_bladeThe Hidden Blade from Assassin’s Creed. One of the most notorious devices of any game franchise. The ability to deploy and retract the blade with the mere flick of a wrist, and I’ve got one that works on mine!

Stab, slash, or intimidate your enemies. This is what makes it a hidden blade!

So awesome!

YEP! Assassin’s Creed is real!

Source: Colinfurze Youtube

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