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Yawn. It’s a plastic inside the waistband holster with a clip. Who cares, right? Before you click the back button, hold on a minute. Because the JM4 Tactical RELIC Series Tuckable holster isn’t like the other IWB concealed carry rigs you’ve seen.

First, the RELIC (Reliable, Easy, Light, Individual, Carry Holster) isn’t made of Kydex. Like a growing number of holster makers, JM4 chose to go with Boltaron for this thing. What’s Boltaron, you ask? Unlike Kydex, Boltaron is a US-made PVC-acrylic alloy.

So? So that means it’s more heat-resistant than Kydex. If you happen to leave a Boltaron holster in your car on a summer day (try not to) you’re less likely to find it cracked or in a puddle under your gun than you will with a Kydex rig.

The other aspect of the RELIC that makes it less-than-typical is its leather lining. JM4 uses grade A, vegetable-tanned steer hide to line the RELIC. The sewn-in leather makes the holster much easier on your carry gun’s finish and virtually eliminates any sound when you draw your pistol or re-holster it. If that’s a consideration for you.

With warmer weather here in the Lone Star State, I’ve been carrying OWB less often, opting for a more concealable IWB rig that’s not only more concealable, but tuckable, too. The RELIC fills that bill nicely.

The RELIC’s raised sweat shield sits comfortably between you and your pistol. That keeps perspiration off your carry gun and gives you a tad more room to slip your thumb in for a good grip on the draw.

The RELIC’s clip comes with three screw holes to adjust for you preferred right depth. I liked the middle position best and clipped off the excess part that extended below. The clip can also be adjusted and tightened down to give you some forward can’t if that’s your thing.

Like a number of other holsters, the RELIC has a screw and rubber gasket arrangement on the retention screw so you can fine tune the grip it has on your gun. My relic had an almost death-grip on my GLOCK 43 at first, even on the loosest setting. But a little time spent leaving the pistol in the holster and some more time on the hip as it fitting just right now, with just the right retention without inhibiting my draw.

The holster’s nicely stitched and finished. The leather fits the interior impressively well. And for the price, it should As you’d expect from a holster that features two top quality materials carefully blended together, the RELIC doesn’t come cheaply.

In short, this the JM4 RELIC IWB Tuckable Holster is a first-rate rig for everyday carry. If you don’t mind emptying your wallet a little more, you’ll have yourself a great, concealable holster that will keep your gun looking good for years.

Specifications: JM4 Tactical RELIC IWB Tuckable Holster (GLOCK 43 version tested)

Height: (shell only) 6.125 inches
Width: 3 inches
Depth: (shell only) 1.25 inches
Weight: 3.6 oz.
Colors: Black or coyote tan
Price: $94.97

Ratings (out of five stars):

Comfort: * * * * 
With the Boltaron and leather sandwiched together, it’s a tad thicker than competing rigs, but not so much that you’ll notice. In fact, you’ll probably forget you’ve got in on.

Concealability: * * * * *
That depends on the gun you’re packing. My G43 is virtually undetectable. If you want to stuff a FNX-45 inside your waistband (they’ll make a RELIC for any one of dozens of handguns) your mileage will most certainly vary.

Value: * * * 
The RELIC isn’t cheap. At all. Then again, how important is not only stealthiness, but also protecting your carry gun’s finish?

Overall: * * * * 
Top quality materials assembled with an eye for detail. And you can get one for damn near any semi-auto gun made. Recommended.

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