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February 10th, 2020 by AmSJ Staff

M1 Carbine Pistol? – Please Advise

Inland Manufacturing has a very cool and fascinating pistol. It’s an M1, it’s a carbine and it’s a pistol. This Advisor is modeled after the M1 carbines used during the Vietnam war for clearing the matrix of tunnels and engaging in extreme close quarters.
Is an M1 carbine good for home defense?
The simple controls, sights, and handling characteristics of the M1 Carbine made it loved by many. There is a list of reasons the .30 Carbine might be a great home defense gun hiding in plain sight.
Is the .30 carbine a good round?
The .30 Carbine earned its place as an excellent “intermediate” cartridge.

Flash Hider Angle 2 Jpg-min

The “Advisor,” Inland’s M1 pistol, features many of the same characteristics of their original carbines and is modeled after the modified M1 carbines that were a popular conversion made by US Military advisors during the Vietnam Era. These “Military Advisors” found that the compact and reliable M1 carbine could be made even more suitable for their specific missions by cutting the barrels down to pistol lengths and using either a cut down standard stock or the M1A1 folding stock – the folder was the stock of choice if they could get their hands on one.
The M1 Carbine was originally designed for troops that did not need a full-sized battle rifle. Rear-echelon troops, truck drivers and specialized soldiers found that the heavy and long M1 Garand was unwieldy but wanted something more than a pistol. The M1 Carbine filled the gap between the two, being much shorter and lighter than the Garand but offering far more effective range and accuracy than a .45 ACP 1911 pistol.

Rt Side Jpg-min

The Inland Advisor features a 12-inch barrel with a type two barrel band, adjustable rear sights, push-button safety, round bolt and a low-wood walnut stock modified M1A1 stock – minus the wire portion of the stock – making the Advisor a legal pistol.
There are some early war features on this gun. The stock has a straight design as opposed to the “potbelly” style found in late-war examples, and most interesting to me is the early-war push-button safety. It is not unusual to find a mix of early- and late-war features on a surplus M1 Carbine, as many were upgraded and re-manufactured after and during the war.
But the push- button safety is rare, and most rifles were armory upgraded with a lever safety. This is because the safety and magazine release are located close together, and since they were both push buttons, there was an increased likelihood for operator confusion in the heat of battle. A safety lever was deemed a better option.

Dead Foot Arms

This pistol includes a 15-round magazine and uses a 30-round magazine catch to allow high capacity magazines. The flash hider is conical and threaded ½ x 28 tpi allowing any accessory with he same threading. The modifications to the M1A1 stock still allows the user to reattach the wire portion of the stock, however NFA rules would then apply.
Advisor Specs:

  • Caliber: .30 carbine
  • Magazine capacity: 15
  • Barrel length: 12″
  • Total length: 19.75″
  • Barrel groove: 4
  • Twist rate: 1 x 20″
  • Weight: 4lb 5oz

  • Here’s Youtuber 2AGuysAndGear running the M1.


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    April 14th, 2017 by AmSJ Staff

    dB Foam, when used as directed is safe to use with most firearm suppressor designs and will significantly reduce the sound level of firearm suppressors. Independent testing using a variety of commercial suppressor designs averaged a 3-5 dB reduction with 10 shot strings of fire utilizing MIL-STD-1474E sound level testing procedures. The most significant reduction when using dB Foam was found with the first shot fired with dB reduction in some cases that exceeded 10 dB.
    dB Foam has been formulated to maintain the foam consistency for up to 6 months of storage. This attribute will provide the great sound reduction when utilizing the suppressor for hunting and tactical applications.
    dBFoam displaces water and provides rust inhibiting protection for the internals of your suppressors and firearms. dB Foam is water soluble, simply wash your suppressor in warm water and wipe dry after use.
    dB Foam provides a lubricating film that protects the internal components of suppressors with rust inhibiting properties. Residue that is blown back into the firearm action from the backwash
    of the suppressor will provide the same protection to the firearm bore and action.

    New for 2017!

    Inland Manufacturing is proud to offer the new PM-22 Suppressor designed specifically for rimfire use.

    The new PM-22 rimfire suppressor is 5.5″ overall length and just under 1″ diameter. Weighing in at 3.3 oz, it could be one of the lightest suppressors on the market today. The new Inland PM-22 is constructed with an aluminum tube and stainless steel base threaded ½ X 28 TPI. The I-Core polymer monolithic disposable baffle system features the X Baffle system that was designed to be used dry or with the new dB Foam suppressor foam for maximum efficiency.

    Inland Products & dB Foam

    Exclusively Distributed by:
    MKS Supply
    Dayton, OH 45414

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    January 25th, 2016 by AmSJ Staff

    [su_heading size=”30″ margin=”0″]SHOT Show 2016 – American Shooting Journal winners[/su_heading]

    Recapping an excellent trade show

    The American Shooting Journal featured a forever-spinning raffle wheel that never stopped during the 2016 SHOT Show. The winners were endless, we couldn’t feature them all.

    Brittany Boddington, international huntress phenom and Tom Claycomb, AMSJ survivalist contributor, visiting to sign autographs. 


    Jose Martinez with The Gunfather and Theresa-min

    Louie Tuminaro AKA The Gunfather with veteran Jose Martinez whose image we felt earned the right to adorn the November 2015 veteran’s cover of ASJ and Theresa “T-Bone” Tuminaro grinningly signed autographs.


    The American Shooting Journal SHOT Show booth was packed throughout the show. The raffle wheel never stopped spinning and shooting out great prizes to winners all day long.



    Ulti-Clip was in the house. This little gadget redefines the idea of having a concealed holster and stole the show this year. We were thrilled to partner with them.


    Savoy Leather

    Savoy Leather makes custom leather holsters for all walks of gun toters. This Vietnam vet was thrilled with his loot from the raffle wheel.

    Chuck Larson Shyanne fans-min

    Chuck Larson, president of Rock River Arms and sponsor for youth shooter Shyanne Roberts  had to have his photo taken with her cover poster. 

    Among the great prizes that the raffle wheel spun out, this Cold Steel blade was a treasure.

    We armed this dangerous woman with an amazing Hogue hatchet after she presented her GOLDEN TICKET and spun the great prize wheel. Awesome!

    Law enforcement officer Joe Gallagher won the Layke Tactical .308 AR, and all thanks to the The Gunfather’s wife Theresa “T-Bone” who spun the wheel for him. Isn’t he thrilled she spun the wheel?

    One of our amazing prizes was the sniper crossbow by Mission by Matthews. This winner was stoked.

    Robert Bodron, owner and custom gunsmith of Riverdale Custom Shop, won the RTD Arms .308 RT-10. This guy must be related to Grizzly Adams.


    Troy Rodakowski

    Contributor and American Shooting Journal cover star Troy Rodakowski rockin’ the ASJ booth and promoting his awesome duck-hunting image.


    Pat Surline Inland manufacturing winner-min

    Pat Surline, winner of the Inland Manufacturing 1911 and a Kickeez recoil pad. He was so excited that after winning, he walked around the show in a daze.

    several people walked away with a new Shooting Chrony – the best device to track your rounds.

    Shooting Chrony winner!!!

    Shyanne Roberts’ fans who came to have their photo taken in front of her poster.

    SHOT Show 2016 – the end. Not a prize left, and what a great show.




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