September 22nd, 2017 by asjstaff

Gun safety is no laughing matter.
These shooters forgot that (or never learned in the first place) and paid a heavy price.

10. Better make sure that gun is unloaded before you start cleaning it

9. Steel toed boots do not stop .45 caliber bullets, sir…

8. Looks like someone forgot to remove either a cleaning rod or a bore sight before firing, or something from the Matrix spider bore

7. A marlin .444 using handloads kaboomed and turned this fine lever action rifle to scrap.

6. Doing Frankenstein things with that .44 Magnum loaded with hollow points?

5. Once again, Iron feet do not stop bullets.

4. Snatch this .40 S&W caliber pistol loaded with hollow points from my hands, if you can do this then its time for you to leave. His hand was not quicker than the trigger finger..

3. This fellow was unloading his .45 caliber pistol after a hunt. He unloaded a hollow point slug into his leg, but luckily missed the bone.

2. A .357 SIG Double Tap 115 Grain Jacketed Hollow point made this nasty leg wound (pictured 3 weeks later). That leaves a mark to be remembered.

1. A soldier in the Ukraine ended up with a live grenade embedded in his hand during military exercises.
Who needs explosive vest when you can embed it.

Sources: Ozark County Times, Daily Mail, The Truth about Guns, Defensive Carry, Pinterest, Eric Nestor

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