Last month I reviewed the KCarry Shoulder System. And found it wanting. I had a few issues with how the KCarry holster was set up, and specifically how it compared to a more traditional shoulder holster.

But the real problem was safety. With common guns I could still pull the trigger even with the gun fully in the holster. That’s because there was just elastic fabric over the trigger housing.

When KCarry saw the review, they took the issue seriously and came up with a simple, effective fix.

They added simple rectangular piece of plastic that stays in place over the trigger guard inside the holster via a Velcro attachment. It’s super easy, and it works. With the rectangular piece in place, I can’t access the trigger. Problem solved.

KCarry Shoulder System Fix inserted (photo courtesy of JWT for
I tried several different hand guns in the holster. I tried Glocks, small and large revolvers, and a couple different 1911s. They all still fit, and I wasn’t able to manipulate the trigger on any of them.

We should all appreciate when a company pays attention to potential safety issues, and I applaud KCarry for developing a solution so fast.