April 4th, 2017 by AmSJ Staff
Made in the USA with quality ingredients for all skin types, these paint sticks come in nine different hunting and military colors. Woodland includes Mud Brown, Olive and Black.  ACU includes Loam, Tan and Slate. Scorpion includes Brown, Tan and Olive.
All paints are Hypo Allergenic, Odorless and Sweat resistant.   The DOD recognizes Bobbie as their #1 supplier of face paint;  the Hunting Industry uses the same paint supplied to the Military!
You can find Bobbie’s Face Paint in PXs all over the world and purchase them directly at www.camofacepaint.com.

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June 15th, 2015 by AmSJ Staff
Story by Larry Case • Photograph courtesy of Weatherby

I know that when you hear the word “Weatherby,” shotguns are not the first thing that springs to mind – more like a line of fine, high-end rifles. Well, I think that is going to change. I want you to consider the Weatherby SA459 Turkey model. This is a very nice lightweight  (6¾ pounds) semiauto shotgun tricked out with a pistol grip, Real Tree Xtra green camo and a Picatinny rail. You will hear more from me about this shotgun, but for now I would rather you hear it from Haley Heath of The Women of Weatherby team, who has some experience with this hunting firearm.  “Since I started shooting the Weatherby SA-459 Turkey Shotgun, I gained a great deal of respect for this gun. It’s a shotgun like no other, with qualities that you don’t find on any other brands, such as the larger pistol  grip. This feature is a great for turkey hunting since staying still and quiet while in a comfortable holding position  is so important,” Haley said. “This turkey season everyone in my family hunted turkey using the Weatherby SA-459 Turkey Shotgun. My 10-year-old son, Gunner, waited over 30 minutes for the perfect shot, and when he finally took the long shot, he dropped the large tom. Even at his young age, he completely gave credit to the Weatherby shotgun for helping him stay steady and comfortable. As a wife and mother of two, I am always looking for a gun that will work for my
whole family, and the Weatherby SA-459 Turkey is that gun for me!” ASJ

SIDEBAR Haley Heath SA-459_Turkey_XtraGreen

The WEATHERBY SA459 Turkey Shotgun

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