April 18th, 2017 by jhines

with World Record shooter, Jerry Miculek

If you think having 10 rounds of 9mm in your pistol magzine is enough. Why not have a 27 round mag.
The pistol Jerry is using is a 1911 modified for 9mm.
Jerry proceeds to show you how long it takes to get all 27 rounds downrange into a steel target.
See the vid below

Did you see that? Within a blink of an eye during the three seconds, Jerry unloads all on steel. Man sounds like music when the lead is hitting the steel, there was like a rhythmn to it.

Sources: Jerry Miculek

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November 2nd, 2016 by jhines

Practical? Nah, want one? Absolutely

Sources from somewhere in Thailand tells us that this is considered a “Pradit” gun and it is a favorite among the poor gangbangers. This 1911 shotgun pistol is cheap to make and packs a huge wallop in a single shot. Picture below is an authentic piece that was confiscated by the Thai police in a 2013 traffic stop.
If you’re looking for a practical shotgun, stick with your standard types from Remington or Benellis. Is this a practical piece of firearm? Nah, would some people want one? – absolutely!

Here’s another video with a plastic model, but it’s been modified to fire a single shotgun shell, watch it destroy the slide/barrel, very dangerous, don’t try this at home.

Source: Aekkapong Russamedern Youtube, Best Source of Fun, Defensive Carry Forum

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