Medusa Model 47 – Multi Caliber Revolver

Did you know theres a revolver that can shoot multiple calibers?, and can you name it?
If you’re a gun freak and was thinking of the Medusa, you were right!
The Medusa M47 is a revolver manufactured by Phillips & Rodgers in the late 1990s, and is based on the Smith & Wesson K frame, capable of chambering and firing around 25 different calibers within the .38, 9mm and .357 family. It is capable of both double and single action firing.
Inside the cylinder theres a prong spring-loaded that sticks out, this allows the gun to chambers the many different calibers. Not many revolvers can do that.
Due to the chrome-moly steel barrel, this makes the gun a bit heavy but strong.
Many survivalist consider this a prepper’s dream gun.

The Phillips & Rodgers, Inc. Medusa Model 47 was going to be a favorite amongs lawmen, outdoorsman and military for self-defense.
Unfortunately, the revolvers were only made in small numbers for a short period of time. Accuracy with free-bore cartridges and extraction issues may have doomed this concept.
If you come across one, be prepare to fork up some big money for it.

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