Gear Review: SecureIt Agile Model 52 Gun Cabinet

SecureIt says they designed their Agile Model 52 gun cabinet to do everything that a traditional gun safe does in a lighter, do-it-yourself package. As they put it in their promotional material, “Traditional gun safes do not stop thieves or fires. They are just metal and drywall. One can cut through a safe in minutes with a $10 saw, and, if you have a significant fire, your guns are toast.”

The implication: why lay out thousands of dollars for a heavy safe that you can’t move yourself when the Agile Model 52 will provide most of the same level of security in a more affordable, mobile package?

Unlike a traditional safe that weighs hundreds of pounds, the SecurIt Agile 52 comes in a UPS-deliverable flat-packed box.

And if you’ve ever put together your own furniture — think IKEA — you’re more than up to the task of assembling the Agile 52.

The only tool required is a 5/16-inch socket wrench.

The cabinet can be assembled by one person, but at one stage in the process — mounting the heavy door — you’ll make your life much easier if you recruit an extra pair of hands to help.

I could type out paragraphs describing the assembly process, but SecureIt put together this excellent video that does a better job than I can. It’s also preferable to the instructions that are included with the Agile 52.

The whole process takes about a half hour. All of the cabinet’s connecting points are internal.

The cabinet has an electronic keypad lock that relies on a single nine volt battery to power it (easily changeable through the hatch on the inside of the door). It’s easily reprogrammable for the combination of your choice.

The Agile 52 comes with two keys that will open the unit if you let your battery run down. The keyhole is hidden behind the Agile nameplate.

When locked, the heavy door is secured by three one-inch steel bolts that extend into the cabinet, one each in the top, bottom and side. And there are plenty of holes on five sides in order to secure the Model 52 to a wall and/or the floor to make sure it stays in place.

The Agile Model 52’s customization options come from SecurIt’s CradleGrid mounting system on the back of the cabinet. They’re basically louvers that allow the user to attach a variety of optional bins, hangers and cradles at various positions to accommodate the way you want to use the Model 52.

The cabinet comes with six stock bases and cradles to accommodate six long guns.

I got a variety of additional bins, trays and pistol hangers to let me store a three long guns along with some pistols, ammo and other gear. the cradles give you plenty of room to accommodate rifles with optics so they won’t scrape against the back of the cabinet.

The CradleGrid lets you position any of the interior components wherever you want to fit your gear best.

Assembled, the 14 gauge steel unit weights 105 pounds, light enough for one man to be able to reposition it and for two to easily move it from one location to another. If need be, it can be disassembled as easily as it was put together, then reassembled somewhere else.

Again, this isn’t a safe. It won’t protect its contents in a fire and given a few minutes and the right tools, a good burglar can pop it open. But that’s not why you’d buy the Model 52 cabinet. It’s strong enough to keep guns away from family members who shouldn’t have access. It’s reasonably priced and light enough to move from one room to another without calling a mover. It’s hard to imagine a better product for its intended use.

Specifications: SecureIt Agile Model 52 Gun Cabinet

Dimensions: 52″h x 20″w x 15″d
Weight: 105 lbs.
Lock: Keypad control panel
Backup: Key Override
Capacity: Stores 6 long guns up to 50 inches in length, handguns with optional hangers
MSRP: $599 ($499 retail)

Ratings (Out of Five Stars):

Ease of Assembly: * * * *
While the included instructions are average, SecureIt’s video showing the process is a big help. One person can do the job, but it’s easier with a second pair of hands and will take you less than an hour.

Fit and Finish: * * * * *
The 14 gauge steel is evenly powder-coated and arrived without a scratch. All the needed parts were there. The only hiccup found was the “Agile” badge on the door that was mounted upside down for some reason which was easy to flip.

Overall * * * * *
Not everyone wants to pay for hours of fire resistance or a safe that delays a burglar and even calls the authorities. Plenty of gun owners just want a secure, functional cabinet that’s plenty child-safe and can be moved easily if and when the need arises. If that’s what you’re looking for, the Agile Model 52 is exactly what the doctor ordered.

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