You can find an exhaustive Ammo guide which covers everything from Special Loads to loading your own Ammo here. On this page are ammo reviews on everything Ammo related. American Shooting Journal gives you a 3rd opinion.

9mm vs 380

This isn’t about which Caliber is the better but how they play a role for the Private Citizen and Law Enforcement.

9mm vs 40

In the past the conventional wisdom has held that a typical handgun velocities, bigger bullets are better. – Is it Really?

The Magnificent Sevens

Theres nothing wrong with the 6.5s. They’re versatile cartridges, But the king of the metric mountain is and will be the 7mms – Here’s why.

243 Winchester Caliber

If you hunt whitetail, small game and recoil sensitive, the .243 Winchester Caliber is for you – but can go up to medium size game as well.

.22 vs 9mm

Viewing the 9mm vs .22LR comparisons is not about which is the better caliber, but which calibers serves best for Self-Defense, Hunting or Plinking.

On the Hornady A-Tip Match

Hornady used the AMP bullet jacket & machined a long precise, aluminum tip, which relocated the Center of Gravity and Optimized its Long-Range Performance.

308 vs 30-06

Two very popular rifle calibers ever created, heres a simple look at .308 Win vs 30-06 and points out the practical differences between the two.