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Point Shooting has its origins dating back to the OSS days of 1942, Rex Applegate trained Commandos on speed shooting without relying on sights.

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InvictaSafes security alarm will go off if the Gun Safe is tampered with, a GPS tracker activates to ensure you know where it is at all times.

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Sometimes a pre-cursor to a Gunfight involves Hand-to-Hand Jitsu just to get to Glock-Fu, Are we training correctly in preparation for that Gunfight?

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Gun Community have bash about 308 vs 223 in the past, in the last 10 yrs the 6.5 Creedmoor has been in the spot light, can the .223 even compare to it?

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Halle Berry dedicated herself for the role in with extensive training in hand-to-hand and firearms training that would make most SF Operative proud.

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Want to Get an Adrenaline Rush? Dog Brothers Martial Arts Octane Testosterone Level – Higher Consciousness thru Harder Contact.

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This Axe throwing Blonde girl may be the Niece of Thor – she forgets the Axe returns to her if she misses her Target.

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