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Why are these guys strolling on an active rifle range with Lead flying everywhere?

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Here’s a list of the Most Accurate 9mm Pistol out of the Box without any Customization they are Dead on!

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The Center Axis Relock system provides a stable platform, better maneuverability and getting the target in your sights quickly.

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Houston Jones is a bodybuilder that believes he is tougher than the male human even against Rubber Buckshot fired from a Shotgun.

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Yeh, this shotgun has a really big kick! Watch this shooter hold on as he fires off this mighty Thor 4 gauge shotgun.

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A Georgia Sheriff’s UnConventional Welcome Sign causes a Huge Stir and is now Going Wild in Local News and the Internet.

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Think you can Handle the Big Kick from the Largest Caliber in the World? Do you like shooting big cartridges

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