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Texans are known to have the “Go Big or Go Home” Mentality – Which this guy seriously does with his 40mm cannon with Grape Shot.

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The Conversion Cylinder allows .32 S&W Cartridges to be shot in this little 5-shot Revolver with no other alterations required.

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The Debate for Long Range Supremacy see how the 6.5 Creedmoor stand up against the Iconic .308 for SHTF Purpose.

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This 1911 Pistol List highlights some of the Best out in the Market for the Gun Enthusiasts, Competitive Shooter and the LE Community.

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Would this “plastic” gun stand up to normal use or would it fail and wear out faster? Time has passed and many popular calibers have met the needs.

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Putting a pistol caliber cartridge in a rifle is easy‚Ķbut a rifle round in a pistol?  Now that takes a

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Walther PK380 Subcompact is a good fit for Concealed Carry and has Decent Performance as the Bigger Pistol.

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