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Looking for a small, lightweight hideout gun in 9mm Luger? This pocket pistol would be ‘a Fine Choice.’

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Gunmakers are catching on to changing demographics, and these offerings are worth taking a look at.

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Theres no need to make Fun of these .22 Magnum Loads, these Tests shows that they are worth their weight in Speed, Accuracy & almost no Recoil.

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The Viper HS 4-16×50 is no slouch, for an advanced Long Range Scope, Viper keeps it simple and takes the guesswork out of Precision Long Range.

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Between the hunting woods, long-range target competitions and even the U.S. military, the Creedmoor round is making inroads among shooters.

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Badass Improvised Weapons in War is Horrific – there were much Trial & Error but the ones that were successful is quite Unique and Low Tech.

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A Ridiculous Video showing a Person shooting at a group of Boars from a moving boat.

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