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This Surgeon rifle action has a similar bolt Action to a Remington 700 goes up against a Semi-Auto rifle in a Precision Long Range Shoot Off.

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Pushing the range limits on the Lapua 338, with Un-Suppressed couldn’t hit Target at 1470 yards, but with Suppressed it was Dead on!

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Yes, it all started with the Baker Rifle and the British 95th Rifle Regiment and Shaped the Way we Fight with our Rifles

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The M3 grease gun was one of the simplest, ugliest, & cheapest weapon ever fielded by the U.S. military, lacking in looks made up in effectiveness.

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Wyatt Earp Lessons on Gunfighting .. One of his most famous quotes is “Fast is fine, But accuracy is final. You must learn to be slow in a hurry.”

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Check out some of these Expert’s picks for Best Scopes, Optics, Trail cams, stocking stuffers and more.

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CMMG 9mm Guard is a ultra-compact and lightweight AR platform is extremely portable, making it an awesome package for Home Defense and Plinking.

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