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L.P. Brezny created a unique Gun that allows hunters to tip toe through the garden while shooting, and no one would be the wiser – no silencer required.

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Hunting season is well underway, but have you gotten your Shotgun ready for it? Here’s some few things to consider making your Shotgun Ready.

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Pedersoli’s new side-by-side “Bohemian” Scattergun is a modern shotgun with a classical twist, and it will be right at home for you at the range or afield.

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The Henry Octagon chambered in .45-70 Govt Lever-Action Rifle – a short-range Rifle with a Quick & smooth action capable of taking down most games.

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The repeating Winchester model 1876 shoots a .50-95 express cartridge, Lightweight bullet with High velocity makes for a powerful Hunting Rifle at 200 yards.

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Here’s the AR Pistol Kit guide to get you started and help you build your ultimate AR/AK Pistol.

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Here are 10 shotguns that are the Best that Hunters & Shooters across America chooses to use.

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