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Have you ever wondered how many cans of spray paint will a shotgun shoot through? If you’re a plinker I guess you would be curious of this question.

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AR-10 and AR-15 both are accurate and rapid shooting weapons that are extremely deadly in the hands of a skilled shooter.

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Youtuber Slingshot Channel guy, Joerg Sprave, liked the Blaster so much that he made a functioning Rubber-Band Replica.

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Over the years many firearm calibers come and go. Here are some that didn’t catch on but worthy a caliber they were and could have been popular today.

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Situational Awareness is important for being prepared to defend yourself and your family. Having this edge can make a differences in your decision making while in a fight or avoiding one.

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The iconic M1911 has been serving the U.S Military for over 80 years. Starting June 4 you can purchase a piece of this history, one of 8,000 M1911 pistols.

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Braden Liboiron captured a deer running down the side of the road on his cell phone and it wasn’t anything special. Well, that is, until the deer hit a speed bump.

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