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If you seen the late Bob Munden shoot from the hip with his .45 revolver, its just simply beyond comprehension of how fast he shoots, within a blink of an eye.

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Fight of the Baby Glocks Many of us loves Glocks, for the Glock carriers that like the subcompact. There’s always

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Check out these Cool Gun Safes Click HERE to Check it out.

It’s a battle classic between a mongoose and a king cobra. The Indian grey mongoose is well known for battling

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This video reminds us all of that great feeling when we had our first BB gun on Christmas, our smile was probably as priceless as this boy.

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Some firearms live off of their reputations that outweigh their actual performance in the real world. See some of these overrated hunting guns.

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Looking to get a new Christmas tree?, but don’t have a reliable chainsaw. All you need is your favorite rifle and 30 rounds of Nosler 77 Grain ammo.

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Most people hunt with bows, rifles or shotguns but, there are those who prefer the un-conventional way with hunting pistols.

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