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With the popularity of AR’s and AK’s in the gun community. Some old timers are still relying on that duck

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Enter “The Loudener” for your AR, so what is this? Just as it sounds, when the gun is fired it

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Check out these Cool Gun Safes Click HERE to Check it out.

Using data analysis technology can now tell police officers how to prevent a crime before it happens. With the help

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So I went shooting this weekend at Seattle Skeet and Trap  (SST) with Western Shooting Journal’s regular columnist Al Hague.

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I came across this awesome neat little gadget that you MUST have.  I admit I’m a sucker for cool stuff,

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According to “The Daily Boulder Camera” A planned gun buyback has been cancelled by a Boulder County, Colorado. “The bottom

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When going out to shoot, hunt or war gaming most of us usually wear some sort of shades for eye

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